Sunday, November 11, 2007

second longest run of the year.

This morning, I went for a 34km run around the Upper Seletar Reservior and Mandai Road. This run was originally scheduled for Saturday morning but the heavy thunderstorm washed it away.

The goal for this solo training session is not to hit the wall at all. The route today was very quiet with very few runners. Thus it was just me myself and the road.. My first lap to the Mandai Zoo at 17km took me 1:35 a good 5:30 pace but the return lap took a while longer at 1:43 a 6.0min/km pace.

Good thing was I did not hit the wall for this 34km run. The 2 powergel and 100plus helped me to replenish my depleted glycogen.

Off to meet my classmates for school work. Now, time to taper and the remaining LSD runs for me will be 19 and 13km. I hope that I can do a 3:45 marathon on 2nd Dec.

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fred said...

Great blog! all the best to your SCM!