Friday, May 23, 2008

The unique experience on races

The alarm sounds at 3am and I am feeling strangely alive at this hour. I have had a night of broken sleep. Slowly, I made my way out of bed and stretch a little. The whole family is still asleep at this unearthly hour.

Into the kitchen, I made myself once of the few important meals, grabbing the gatorade water bottle marking how much i should drink before the race.

4 slices of bread and 1 bannana with a cup of coffee is what will get me through the morning. I showered to stretch and warm those muscles and put on your race gears and stretched a little. Not a word has been spoken yet as the whole family is still alseep.

Race bib checked, power gel checked, water bottle checked, running shoes and socks all set. I drive to the race and arrive at the start. I stretched a little and run a little as warm up. The heart keeps pumping again - relax!

All's quiet and I see a few friends and wave exchange a few words. Good luck and see you at the finishing line. I moved myself to the sub-4 hour pen and the mecee calls out and announces there's ten more minutes to the race. I am at the start pen and the anticipation of the race is killing me,will this be another personal best? The horn goes off.

The story on the race doesn't matter, it hurts a lot as most races do. But once I have retired from the world of running, swimming and biking, I knew I will miss the pre-race experience. The processes, the pre-race rituals, the motivating words you mumble to yourself before the horn goes off, the training that you do in the wee hours of the morning and the concentration you've

No other circumstances in my life can match the pre-race jitters. It makes me feel in charge of my mind and body. During this period, my mind will be free of all the rest of the stuff in my life and the concentration will be on the race.

So stay an athlete as long as I can, for only an athlete will enjoy this unique experience.


Jessica said...

I love reading every single word, Dave! Wish you'd post more pictures. You're soooo hot! Seriously. Please post more! Or send some to me!;)

Anonymous said...

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