Monday, February 27, 2006

The past 4 days of my smoke free days

Day1. Friday.

Today is the start of a new day without ciggie. Went for breakfast as usual, and met up with jiehong on our way to a seminar. My, isnt good to hang out with a smoke-free friend on the very first smoke-free day I have.

Bought some menthos to fight off the craving in case I need to smoke. Throughout the whole seminar, didnt really felt an urge to smoke because folks in the IT seldom smoke. Its only the sales peeps who do, so it was tough really.

But as I got back to office after lunch, my colleagues started asking me out for a smoke. Mine, they were suprised to learn that I have quit smoking. haha. A few of them even shaked my hand to congragulate me on my new mission. haha. It was tough as I can smell the ciggie calling outta me but I have learnt to programme my mind to link pain to smoking. I find more pleasure being smoke free. Arhh, at last my shirt dont smell of cig anymore.

Soon, time to knock off. Got back home, I came from a smoking home so nonetheless, I had an urge to light up. My eyes were bloodshot, running nose. Arhh, the signs of a nicotine addict withdrawing. Decided to go out as I realised the more I stayed home, the more I will smoke.

Went out for dinner with friends and bought a pack of 30 nicotine replacement gums. These will come in handy. As I talked to the pharmacist on those nicotine replacement gums, I realised that each gum has a dosage of 2mg of nicotine. Thats higher than the average ciggie I smoke which has only got 0.7mg! haha. u know what she said "Dont forget the 3000 chemicals that comes with each puff you take! That statement and the smile on her face convinced me that I should quit smoking. Bought it and as I chewed my first nicotine gum, and you should have seen the effects it had on me. I came alive!

Day 2.

Not really eventful. Fight off the urge not during the meeting breaks by avoiding the smoking corner. Guess that I will be less updated about the office news after I quit smoking. But hey, I will be more productive as there's no more smoking break!


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