Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Dawn Rider's Ride Field report.

Sunday 20th Jan 08

The usual group met up at Jurong East met up at Jurong East and Dave being the lazy chap decided to skip the additional 34km to and from Woodlands and instead met at Sundei Kadut instead.

Dave joined the group at Sungei Kadut and the first to arrived were Damian and the rest arrived about 1 min later.

We regroup and started off for LCK. Not much attacks as Kyne and Dave took the lead and took turns to draft each other until Neo Tiew.

We took Neo Tiew at a cruising speed of around 34km/hr with not much attacksI was admiring the sun rise across the horizon after the satellite farm.

Kyne and Dave hit LCK and were crusing at about 34km/hr thereabouts. We were cruising at a steady pace and it looks like a recovery ride to me. I was admiring the sun-rise and the cool crisp air. The stretch along LCK and Neo tiew was with an average speed of 31km/hr. We overtook a guy wearing an Aero helmet cruising at around 20km/hr and Kyne slowed down to check out the girl. :D sshhhh....
The group re-group at Jurong West shell and Grace's friend, Chin who's an Ironman joined us. A quick intro and off we go with Weiheng breaking off for home. We cruise along Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim and I didnt pulled away as I felt there was too much traffic. As we turned into the Tuas South Ave 1, I pulled away at a speed of 40km/hr and soon slowe d down to 36km/hr.

I especially like the stretch along Tuas South. The sun will be shining on your left and you could see the sea on your right. The sun would cast a shadow on your riding position and I used this to see how aero I am when I am down on my aerobars. haha. :) Actually quite aero.

I pulled away from the group as I wanted a high intensity ride today. We soon turned right into Pionner Road and Damian and Jon drafted trucks. There were attacks along the way with Jon drafting the truck to overtake the group. Soon Damian joined in and the two of them lead the ride.

Chin and I were behind checking out the action. Soon, I heard gear changing. The slope beside the Pionner Road Esso was approaching. Chin attacked the group flying past me. The rest of us got up and started pedaling furiously. I was behind and I shouted, "OUTSTANDING". I responded and attacked, passing Chin. :D Great attack. This slope along Pionner Road shall be our attack point. We should have a scoring system to see who leads after this stretch.

Along Jalan Buroh, we were cruising with Steriod Grace drafting Kyne. Kyne is a great guy who can pull. After the first flyover, I saw a pack of 10 riders who were supposed to be the faster pack of the Joyrider's Sunday ride approaching. My adrealine was pumping as I saw them approaching. Shifted my gears, and pedalled furiously and my heart rate shot up. I was cruising at around 40km/hr before the slope of the flyover. One of the pack leader flew past me with about 10 drafting him. How can I dont response to an attack? On the downslope, I gained speed and reached about 55km/hr and overtook the pack who past me before the flyover. But they were too strong and past me again and I was left smelling their smoke. I was left panting with my tongue sticking out.

Great breakfast and more Ironman stories.

After breakfast, we break off and went for home. I cruise aloned LCK and Neo Tiew with very strong crosswind. It was so strong that my bike swayed to the right and it felt like climbing a hill. Speed was about 30km/hr and the sun was blazing down on me.

Reached home 97km richer with an average speed of 30.5km/hr for the whole ride.

Riders Present:


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