Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekly training

I really must put in more swim training for if I want to compete in the Singapore Biathlon, 70.3 or Ironman this year. My swim is my weakest part.

So this shall be my weekly training, with work and my studies squeeze in. Workload is getting heavier as a few of my colleagues have left but still manageable. Modules for this semester ain't that tough so with this, I shall be able to squeeze in more training

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 1.5km Swim after work.
Wed: early morning 30km easy bike with Dawn Riders
Thur: 10-15km run in the morning before work
Fri: Stroke correction with Alvin or lap sessions
Sat: Swim day
Sun: Dawn Rider's bike ride. Alternate weekly distance of 97km(Sungei Kadut) or 120km (Jurong East)

Bike and run is ok, swim cannot make it. If I can't pass the swim trial for the Singapore Biathlon, I will reconsider my options for the Ironman this year. Most probably I will postponed it to next year.

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dEx said...

hello Dave, you're doing stroke corrections with Alvin? As in alvin from Clementi Lifeguard? How do you find the sessions?