Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Training

I clocked in quite a number of LSD for September. The distance range from 20km to 26km. Let's see.

21km Home to Upper Seletar Reservoir 01:50:00 pace at 5.17km/min
26km Home to Lower Pierce reservoir 02:21:00 pace at 5.24km/min
21km 21km Home to Upper Seletar Reservoir01:41:46 pace at 4:54km/min

Today's morning Long Slow run was particularly good even though I was having a sore throat. The air was fresh and cool and the mist covering the Upper Seletar Reservoir was a sigh to behold. I should take my HP next time with me and capture the sunrise over Upper Seletar Reservoir. This is my favourite spot in Singapore other than Old Upper Thomson Road.

Lower Seletar Reservoir pales in comparision due to the various litters left by those fishing overnight and lovebirds.

My pace is increasing getting to be consistently to sub 5 km/min and this should set me in good pace for a sub 3 hr 50 min marathon later this year.

I signed up for the 15km Real Run too but there's a part of 1km running on beach sand. Not really my type of run as I hate the feeling of sand getting into my shoes. But for this 15km Real Run, I am targeting a finish time of 1 hr: 15 mins with a pace of 5 min/km.

Real Run 15km will be hot especially the part on the Runway and the Changi Coastal Road.

Oh and clock in some swimming too. Practicing my strokes with interval training now. Not really going for distance. Wanna get my frontcrawl strokes correct first. :)

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