Saturday, October 20, 2007

October Training

Oh my god! I only managed to clock in only 2 runs for the whole October. And the marathon is less than 6 weeks away. My target timing is still below 3:45. Need to do more training!!!!!!

For this whole week, I have been pretty busy with work and school. So today, decided to wake up at 4am for a 29.5km run to the Zoo. Only 4 hours of sleep, my body felt tired during the first 10km. But the first lap to the Zoo of 14.5 km took me 1:21.

It was a cool morning with not much runners along the Mandai Road route. Didnt not see the animiles cheetahs this time around so guess they've headed to ECP. The whole route of 29.5km took me 2:46, a slow 5:37 min/km.

My target pace is 5min/km which should set me in good pace to finish the marathon in under 3:45.

I drop by BikeBoutique during lunch on Friday to check out how my new bike is doing. Saw the Ironman Worldchampionship winner Chrissie Wellington in person. She looks just as human as you and me although she can do a 3.8km swim in 52 mins. And run a sub-3 marathon after 180km on the bike.

Here're some pics of my incomplete bike. I am still waiting for the stem and aerobars to be in. Damn, it's a long wait. Oh yeah, I told them to change the ugly blue wheels to red. It's a good wait as the frames were on offer and cost $420 cheaper. So a wait for 3 weeks and it saved me $420. I can use this money to buy better wheels.

Can someone get me a pair of Hed or Zipp Carbon wheelsets for Xmas? :D

And here's the Cervelo P3 Carbon. Love the sexy wheels. Chrisse Wellington rode this bike and won the Ironman Worldchampionship at Kona. Think the frame will cost $8k alone. Chio bike.

And some chio Planet-X Bike.

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