Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finally, it's here!!!

After a month's wait for the aerobars to come in, 2 hours and 30 mins of bike fitting, the bike is finally here. Just paid for her and cost me quite a fortune. Really a neat setup, there's even a speedometer and odometer to tell me how fast I am and how far have I bike!

The bike is a Cervelo P2-SL (pronounced as Sir Ve Lo).

Here're some pictures. I have taken her out for a ride yet and most probably this weekend when the time permits. Now that the bike is here, time to work on the engine.

Now let's take a tour around the bike.

Here's a look at the cockpit of my bike. This is where I will be shifting my gears and taking a look at the speed I am going. Note that the bars are straight as these are triathlon/time trial bikes and not your road bikes.

And these are the pro saddles that my butt will sit on. Doesnt look that impressive right? But the price is kinda. hehe. More expensive than my desk chair.

Thats all for now! Now to work on my V6 engine.

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