Sunday, October 21, 2007

When will and skill combine to make great

At the 4 min mark of this video, it shows the last hour before the 17th hour cut-off timing for the Ironman Worldchampionship in Kona, Hawaii. Very inspirational. This part shows the trimpuh of the participants.

May I quote the commentator:

Sports is at its best, when it’s transcended. When a player’s joy tell you it was more than a game, like a movie only real .That the dream connected the heart to the soul, and the participant’s were make better for it, for all their private and spoken reasons. When will and skill combine to make great, that final hour here, it happens almost every second.

Now, for this Ironman Worldchampionship at Kona Hawaii, you can search for youtube on Ironman Hawai 2006 and there's 10 parts to it. Enjoy. :)

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