Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dawn Riders

I have been joining this Dawn Riders for group rides. Their usual weekend ride is about 60km but coming from Woodlands add another 40km to me.

This group has pretty strong riders like Kyne, Reave, Weiheng, Damian, Zahid, WK. Averaging cruising speed was 38km/hr-40km/hr Scary!!! I have a hard time keeping up with them if I was not drafting. Nearly got dropped.

Average speed for a 100km ride on my cateye was 31km/hr which usually makes out to a speed of at least 38km/hr when cruising.

Good fun ride. But riding in a group make me realised that tri-bikes are not really for group riding and they're not good for hill climbs. It's good for courses that are flat and rolling hills. But if you were to attack a hill with a tri-bike, I may need more training.


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