Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pre-Race Day

Finally, after 4 months of long weekend runs, it is 1 day to the Standard Chartered Marathon 2007. Looking back I have clocked 520km in training runs in 3 months.

Much lesser than last year, but I am feeling good. I feel so good that I can conquer the 42.195km in 3:45 hours.

Colleagues and friends have been asking me, why do I want to do such endurance activities. Like marathon and ironman. My answer has always been, it seems like such a difficult task to complete and I want to challenge myself. I have never sought to compete against anyone except myself. I better myself in everything I do. And also, doing activities like this helps one to learn how to cope with stress in life.

So here's the breakdown for tommorrow's race.

10km: 53 min
20km: 1:46 hours
30km: 2:39 hours
40km: 3:33
42km: 3:45

Should be "do-able" I am very SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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